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Preparedness and Response Plan

Governor Whitmer’s previous Executive Orders required, among other things, businesses to develop a “COVID-19 preparedness and response plan”.

The Executive Orders have since been struck down but creating and maintaining a P&R plan that is in accordance to current MDHSSA and MIOSHA guidelines is still good practice. These should be drafted, maintained and implemented in accordance with the appropriate public health recommendations and, of course, OSHA guidance.  Thankfully, the Workplace Law attorneys at Bodman have stepped in to help Chamber members prepare.

The Bodman team has provided four different templates for your use:

The templates should be tailored to the employer’s particular risk level, maintained and implemented.  These templates are for information purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.  You should contact legal counsel to obtain advice with respect to your individual workplace.     

Please let the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber team if know if we can help answer any questions at